TAP will use the A321neo on track US-Portugal and Brazil. Understand!

MORE THAN FLY Group | TAP will use the A321neo on track US-Portugual and Brazil. Understand! Photo © Agencia Estado
David Neeleman, CEO Azul | Photo © Agencia Estado

The CEO AzulDavid Neeleman and new shareholder Air TAP announced that the Portuguese company will buy at least 53 new planes from European manufacturer Airbus. The new models allow the company to play a major role in transatlantic routes between Lisbon and the United States and Brazil. What is new is the use of smaller aircraft - narrowbody - between the two continents, which will reduce costs for TAP and still allow increased number of destinations and frequencies.

During a press conference after the signing of the 61% purchase agreement of the Portuguese airline, Neeleman announced the plan that you want to rebuild the company that suffers from the increase in debt and losses. The idea is to renew the fleet to allow more flights between Portugal and the United States and Brazil.

The contract has not been signed, but the Atlantic Gateway consortium provides for the purchase of 14 widebody aircrafts Airbus A330-900NEO and 39 narrowbody aircraft A320neo and A321NEO. With this plan was canceled the old purchase order for A350 models - widebody aircraft, two corridors and longer range than the A330.


The big news of this plan is to cross the Atlantic with a smaller plane.  The A321 model currently used, for example, by TAM on domestic routes and some to South America "The A321 will give us much more flexibility TAP fly Natal (Brazil), for example, three times a week. With the A321, can make seven times a week", he said.

The new shareholder of TAP explained that the new long-range version of the A321 has the autonomy to fly between Lisbon and several cities in Brazil (as Manaus, Belém, Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador) and the US (as New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington). Furthermore, the airplane may also be used in European routes.

In Lisbon, TAP could lead US and Brazilian passengers to other European destinations, especially in southern European countries such as Spain, France and Italy. "And we can achieve secondary cities," he said. The intention of the entrepreneur is to transform Lisbon "at best distribution center for flights" to Europe. "Where the passenger makes the connection easier and faster", he said.

Neeleman explained that opted for models because he wants to "compete in the next world where you can make money." Does it make mention of Europe and the Americas. "Unfortunately, all the companies that are going east are having problems with competition with companies in the Persian Gulf. We will do our side of the world in which we can make money. We're not here to burn money," he said, stating that an flight between Lisbon and China with the A350 "would end the capital of TAP". "That's the reality," he said.

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